How to get 6 digit UIN? (by kobiak) Hello fellows!
In this article I'm going to tell you several methods of hijacking 6-digit UINs. I'll try to explaine them in easy and (sometimes) funny way. This article could also have name "My newbie guide to get 6-digit UINs". It is up to you what way you are going to use. They are all effective. Let's begin.

1. Password bruteforce
For this method you don't really need to have any abilities. All you have to do is get some coffee, sit in front of your computer and wait. Here is the software you should have:

    - IPDBrute or IPDBrute Lite for bruteforcing UINs.
    - UIN Pass Generator for generations lists, like uin;pass.
    - Proxy-lists

If you got all these software, you can run your bruteeforce and wait until you get that lucky UIN.

2. Email hacking
For this method you should have the ability to be a good lier, so you can trick the UIN's owner, in other words you gotta be a good social engineer. Try to get as much as possible information, related to his email secret question.

3. Primary email registration
It's not a secret that many users type in not existed emails in their UIN details. So, if someone put some email that is not existed, you quickly register that email and use password retrive system at For example, if you found email, like, it's most likely that this email is not registred yet. If it is so, you've to do what I have writen above.

4. Domain name registration
It's kind of primary email registration, but in this method you register domain name, and it might cost you some money (but it worths those cool UINs). So, you look up for email in some UIN's details and if it's something like you just go to domain registrator and register domain name That's it, UIN is in your hands "4ever".

Also, there are billions of other small methods of UIN-hacking. Here is some more:

    - File-sharing networks (aka p2p network): kazaa, edonkey.
    - Use trojan horses.
    - Shared resourses on some lamos' computers.
    - Bugs in OS.
    - and so on...

You just gotta get into it and in some time you will figure out yourself how to get those cool UINs.

Author: kobiak
Translated by: Kasper.UA
ICQ: 7333330