Clone: THE BIG &RQ FAQ (by Kobiak) The big FAG about &RQ - ICQ clone that will change your opinion about ICQ.
So let's start. A lot of people have no idea that there're a lot of ICQ clones that are used by advanced users. Those clones are very popular, because they've no banners, ads and all other features that are not used, and because it's much easier to install it and setup any preferences you like.

So today's clone is &RQ!

Ok, let's have a look at Preferences:
   - Auto-reconnected (when connection is lost) - the &RQ will reconnect automatically if server will disconnect you
   - Connect on connection available - the &RQ will connect to the server as soon as you'll be connected to the internet
   - Send keep-alive packets each 'XX' seconds - will keep your connection alive
   - Show dialog box when disconnected - the program will show you that you have been disconnected from server
   - Use proxy - you might use http/s socks4/5 proxies

It's pretty easy to understand that if you're away from your computer the program automatically will set "away" status for you, but as soon you will use your mouse or any of the buttons on keyboard the program will change "away" status to "online". Also you might need to setup auto-message that will be shown to user if the will write to you.

   - Contact list is always on top - contact list will be on top :P
   - Show only online contacts - will show you the users who're online
   - Show only contacts I'm visible to - will show you the users for whom you're visible
   - Enable groups - will show contacts in groups or not
   - Indent contacts in groups - all contacts in groups will be moved righter
   - Textures window - have no idea what that changes :P
   - Show "I'm visible to" picture flag - all user who can see you will be marked so

     All others settings are not so important so you can try them yourself.

   - Auto-connect on start - &RQ will connect automatically to server on start
   - Skip splash screen on startup - wont show splash screen on startup
   - Check for read-only files at start - check if it possible rewrite on hdd
   - Start minimized - &RQ will be minimized on start and will be in tray
   - Lock on start - will ask you for password each time
   - Retrieve offline messages on start - will send you all offline messages to you as soon as you will be connected to the server,
      so program will do it on start
   - Deleted offline messages on start - will delete all offline messages on start from server
   - Reopen open chats on start - nothing to add :P
   - Auto start with UIN - &RQ will connect to the server with that uin automatically
   - Starting status - no comments
   - Starting visibility - no comments

There're couple plugins for &RQ... so I will tell you about them later.

Privacy & Security:
   - Don't save password - it'll be necessary to put password each time you try to log in
   - Send "I added you" message when adding contacts - this message will appear at user you add
   - My authorization is required before people add me to their contact list - authorization :P
   - Show client identifier - user will be able to see what client are you currently using
   - Web aware - your online status...
   - IP address visible for - it's up to you :P
   - History encryption - you will be required to enter password for reading history

It's up to you what action will be on what key, so pick one out.

   - Mouse wheel speed 'X' lines at time - no comments
   - Minimize before hiding contact list - the contact list will be minimized before hiding
   - Exit confirmation - will ask for confirmation when you exit
   - Auto switch keyboard layout - no comments
   - Play sounds - plays sounds on your computer
   - Save not-in-list without asking - will save all contacts that are not in list
   - Preferences contact tip - it's will show hints
   - Fix window position - no comments
   - Consume events when you see them - no comments
   - Show dialog box when I click on incoming contact - chat box will be opened
   - Auto-hide contact list on inactivity 'X' seconds - hides your contact list after 'X' time
   - Show the birthday balloon icon to people - it's up to you :P

   - Warn me upon filtered messages - will alert you when any messages will be filtered
   - Ignore messages from the people who are not in your contact list - no comments
   - Preferences ignore pagers - wont accept messages from WWP
   - Ignore messages when all the rules apply - it's up to you :P

Ignore list:
Just put any uin you like and you wont accept messages from that uin.

It's up to you what evens you want on different case.

Extra disabling:
You can disable any events you like. So it's up to you again.

Better to leave default settings: Auto-check for new version, but if you don't want to update automatically disable this feature and you will have to check for updates by yourself. Also you can setup for checking for beta-testers automatically.

There's ability to choose language you like :P

   - Auto-copy to clipboard - text will be automatically copied to clipboard
   - Auto-deselect - auto-deselect selected text
   - Single message by default - after sending message chat box will be closed
   - Show contact status on tabs - shows user status
   - Send when I press ENTER 'X' times - no comments
   - Place cursor below quoted text - no comments
   - Quote selected text - selected text will be quoted

Heh... choose one you like most. Later I will tell you where to download additional themes.

Themes editor:
You can change selected theme as you like and it's pretty easy, if you will face any problems, please feel free to write me on the Clone section and you will be always given an answer from me.

Ok, here you go guys. Hope that I make &RQ clones very clear for you now, so I hope that some of you will start to use it instead of ICQ pro or ICQ lite, 'coz those programs are really buggy =) So from now and on I will answer all questions you have about best clone, from my point, &RQ!