All about IPDbrute (by kobiak) Hello!
In this article I'm gonna tell how to use most popular bruteforcer for ICQ UIN's passwords. After reading this article you should be able to get "cool" UINs, which you will be proud of and will show it at all chat-rooms and forums.

First of all, I would like to say some thankful words to iFud-Team. Thank you guys for your awesome bruteforce!

1. What is IPDBrute and what is it for?
IPDBrute is the multifuncional program for UIN password bruteforcing. You can bruteforce either one or thousands of UINs. You can get almost any UIN with this software.

2. What do you need to have along with IPDBrute?
You gotta have UIN;PASS Generator and list of HTTP or HTTPS proxies.

3. How can I use one password for many UINs?
UIN;Pass Generator can help you with this, becouse IPDBrute doesn't have that function. Actually, IPDBrute support this function, but it is disbled for those 'lame icq-haX0rz':). Just generate this uin;pass list with UIN;Pass Generator, then plug this fresh-made list into your IPDBrute and push START.

4. Where can I get all these HTTP and HTTPS proxy lists?
Here is some web-sites where you can get them:

      Daily Proxies Lists - place, where you can find anything:)

5. Ok, how about dead proxies?
Run your IPDBrute with proxy-list for some time, like 45-60 minutes, then press STOP, Go to Online Proxy Checker, upload your proxy-list and wait while it's deleting bad or dead proxies. Select and copy all shown proxies and plug them into your IPDBrute again. Run it again and do the same things.

Well, that's all I wanted to say about this unique bruteforcer for ICQ UIN passwords.

Good luck my young ICQ-haX0rz!!! Author: Kobiak[GaD]
Translation: Kasper.UA (#7333330)